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Shitter's Full - A 12 Day Guide for Dumping Holiday Stress

Do the holidays get you down in the dumps? Has the joy from the season been stripped away due to over scheduling, overwhelm, and over doing it? Do you wish you had a few tools in your tool belt in order to slide down the chimney with ease, instead of getting stuck? This course is for you.

The holidays are tough, and honestly, they're getting tougher. Day-to-day life from January to October is hard enough, but then you throw on top the demands of the holiday season and we can really get thrown out of wack. But it doesn't have to be that way. You don't have to carry the Santa-sized baggage of BS around for 8-weeks, instead you can follow this course "Shitter's Full" and get a 12 day masterclass on how to dump that holiday stress.

What you'll get:

  • You will learn scientific based strategies that have been proven to help you manage the demands of typical holiday stressors
  • Each day you will learn tactics that will help you more effectively manage the rigors associated with the holiday, such as: 
    • Shopping
    • Family
    • Traveling
    • Loss
    • Eating/Drinking
    • Over scheduling
    • Exercise
    • Work
    • Recovery
    • New Year Planning
  • You will get an e-course guided by me, Dr Steve
  • Damn near two hours of video training ($500 value) 
  • Clear and "easy" to complete exercises to promote the mental tactics necessary to tackle this holiday season

Disclaimer: This course is not meant as a replacement for therapy and is simply to help you manage common demands associated with the holiday season. Occasionally I use some adult language, so if you are a parent purchasing this course for your teenager, consider yourself warned.