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Sunday Scaries? Fend them off by getting back in the driver's seat. Let Dr. Steve guide you and like-minded others through a process of planning out your life. Don't go into Monday hungover and helpless, instead take control by getting your shit together Sunday!

This Online Live Webinar is held the first Sunday of every month at 8:00PM EST.

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Do you head into Sunday night hungover, unmotivated, and fearful of the week to come?


Would a little bit of insight, inspiration, and accountability go a long way in you meeting your goals for the month?


Want to develop mental fitness, learn some tricks, and get your shit together….all from the comfort of your couch?


Hi, I’m Dr Steve, founder of Mindurance and a licensed Counseling, Sport, and Performance Psychologist and I’ve created a monthly online hang session called “Get Your Shit Together Sunday” that’s going to help you fight off the Sunday scaries by helping you get back in control of your month ahead. 

Listen, I have built a work-life balance based on a work-hard / play-hard mentality.  As such, I have spent many a Sunday curled up in a blanket, Netflix on cruise control, and just wishing I could hide from Monday.  As a result, I go to bed anxiously tossing and turning and facing Monday morning with dread. Sound familiar? You see I am not one of those Type A, always productive, superhumans. Though interestingly, those Sundays in which I did just a little bit of prep for the week ahead, I slept more soundly and woke up Monday ready to take on the week...instead of wanting to avoid it. Given that this process worked for me, I wanted to offer something similar to you. 

It’s called "Get Your Shit Together Sunday" because it helps you get you shit together…on Sunday, which can help propel you into and through the rest of the week, month, and beyond. 


FAQ stands for Frequently Asked Questions...and you probably have some.

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