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Pick your process. Group or Individual. Budget or Expensive. Self-Paced or Scheduled. Live or Recorded. Train the way you want.

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If you want to train mental fitness on your own check out one of my courses "You're Not Crazy You're Stressed" or "The ABCs of Mental Performance." Jam packed with tips, tactics, tools, and theories. Train when you want, where you want, at the pace you want.

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Personal Coaching

Work with me individually for the deepest mental fitness training experience. I take on a limited number of clients in order to devote the time and energy required for YOUR growth. 1, 3 and 6 month packages available. It's not cheap, but neither are you.

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Group Presentations

Get your team, crew, or employees together to train mental fitness. Whether you have an hour, a day, or a weekend, Dr Steve delivers live virtual workshops that provide the knowledge and skills needed to maximize performance. 

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I'm Dr Steve and I want to work with you.

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I'm a licensed and board certified counseling psychologist that also has specialized expertise in sport and performance psychology. A former football player at The Ohio State University, I found out first hand the mental, physical, and emotional requirements necessary to perform at a high level. After graduation, I attended the University of Akron where I received my PhD in Counseling Psychology and crafted my educational and applied capacity to help individuals and teams harness mental fitness.

Fast forward 10+ years, I have honed this skillset through various endeavors - as a professor and researcher of psychology, college Dean, national presenter, University sport psychologist, leadership consultant, entrepreneur, golf caddy, and rock band singer.

So whether you are an athlete, artist, entrepreneur, or executive, the ability to manage stress and leverage the mental aspect of performance is paramount in pursuing the quest of reaching one’s fullest capacity. 

How does this happen?

First and foremost, whether a live class, an online program, or an individual session, there is an emphasis on establishing a relationship that is conducive to change.  One that is built on a foundation of trust, shared understanding, creativity, and rapport. On top of this relational foundation are the pillars of empathy and awareness to understand and connect to the needs and goals of others.  Finally, once an understanding of the destination has been achieved, I use mindfulness, cognitive/behavioral, humanistic, and gestalt principles and practices as vehicles to get there. 

What this means for you? Well, though I may be a shrink, I am all about expansion.  You will expand your awareness about your self, your situation, your struggles, and your striving.  You will expand your assessment of the key areas requiring intervention. Finally, you will expand the toolset available to you to overcome mental barriers in order to live the life you want to live.  Whether that means more confidence, harnessed focus, greater motivation, higher productivity, or deeper connections to name a few, my goal is to serve as a guide, cheerleader, mentor, and coach to get you there.   

Let's get started.


It takes two to tango. I'm an expert in the process, but you're an expert in yourself.

You're probably my type if...

  • You're a high performer. Maybe you're an athlete, performing artist, executive, digital nomad, medical professional, entrepreneur, or anyone else that has high performance demands and wants to maximize.
  • You're dedicated. All of my products and services require a level of true dedication to wanting to leverage mental fitness to overcome mental barriers.  If you're just dabbling, we probably won't work out.
  • You're tech friendly. I'm a digital nomad.  This means I live in an RV and work on the road from coffee shops, AirBnBs, hotels, etc. As such, you need to have a comfort with working digitally through emails, phone calls, Zoom meetings, and online learning platforms.
  • You're cool. I like working with laid-back, open-minded, life-learner types that have a sense of humor, an eagerness to grow, and a zest for living a meaningful and enjoyable life. Even though growth is serious, we shouldn't take ourselves too seriously. This work should be thrilling...not stuffy.
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So you're interested!? Awesome! Here's my general advice on getting started. Click on any step to learn more.

  1. Access the Free Mental Fitness Audit and Join the Email list at the bottom of this page.  This will help you find out a little bit more about Mindurance, my mental fitness philosophy, and the products/services I provide.  It's all free, so it's an easy commitment to start.
  2. Check out the Self-Study Courses. This is a solid next step after you gain a sense for my educational style. These programs are higher time and money investment, but they are packed with knowledge and action. If you stick to the curriculum you will grow in your mental fitness. 
  3. Schedule a Group Presentation. Think your team, crew, or employees would benefit from a little mental fitness training? And you think I'm the person for the job? Cool, go the presentations tab here and fill out the form.
  4. Sign up for Personal Coaching with Dr Steve. Finally, if you like my style want to take your growth to an even more immersive level, then working individually with me is the final step.  This involves the greatest investment of time, money, and effort. It's not for everyone, nor it is available to everyone. Though not required, most clients have completed at least two of the previous steps.

Note: We have found this sequence allows clients to progress through the services/products in a way that builds off one another. Though again this is just a guide. If you want to dive right into working with me....well, CANNONBALL! 

Still kicking tires?

That's OK! Start at Step 1 and download the Free Mental Fitness Assessment and become part of our on-going email convo.