Mindurance offers online mental fitness training courses that you can access when you want, where you want, at a pace you want. 

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The ABCs of Mental Performance

How much of your life is mental? How much time do you spend working on this mental element? If you're like most people, the mental side of performance is often overlooked and undertrained.  In this course we will show you that training mental fitness doesn't have to be difficult, in fact, it can be as easy as the ABCs.

Price: $250

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You're Not Crazy You're Stressed

One of the essential skills necessary to live a more maximized life is to be able to understand the demands that it brings. In this course you will not only understand stress and it's impact, but how to actually manage it. No longer do you have to be consumed by the ups and downs of life, nor feel like you're losing grips with it. 

Price: $250

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Why choose a Mindurance course?

We know you have choices when it comes to online education. Below are some reasons why you should train with us.


Dr. Steve talks the talk and walks the walk. As a licensed Counseling Psychologist, he is a trained Scientist-Practitioner which means he takes education and application seriously using only research-based, tried and true, methods of mental fitness enhancement. Further, having been a Div 1 football player, rock band singer, golf caddy, University Sport Psychologist, leadership consultant, and entrepreneur, Dr Steve has first hand experience of the ups and downs of performance.


Though he takes his scientist-practitioner role seriously, Dr Steve knows that you won't get very far in education and application if you don't make it interactive and engaging. As such, you will find these courses enjoyable to consume, which makes it more likely you will not only finish the course, but apply what you learned. More than just a talking head, Dr Steve guides you through the lessons as though you were sitting across from him. At times, you might even forget you're taking an online course.


A Mindurance course is set up with efficiency of use in mind.  Efficient structure. Efficient language. Efficient exercises. A quick glance at the Table of Contents will communicate a very easy to follow sequencing and flow. Simply put, you'll know exactly where you're starting and where you'll be going. Nothing will be over your head. You won't be left in the dark needing some pre-requisite knowledge. Whether it takes you a week or a year, all you have to do is start and finish the course. 


Last but not least.  Ya it's cool that Dr Steve played football. Ya it's nice that I won't get bored. Ya I dig that it's not a waste of time. But will the damn courses actually work? Why yes...yes they will. Nothing is perfect, of course, but if you progress through the course agenda, complete the workbook activities, and follow through with deliberate action, you will come out of these courses more mentally fit than when you started. If you don't, we will give you a full refund on your purchase! Guranteed!


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