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Whole lotta holiday

When I got trained as a counseling psychologist with a sub-specialty in sport psychology, I figured my career path would consist of mostly working with athletes to manage stress and enhance the mental aspect of athletic performance.

And you know what? I did that.

I worked at The Ohio State University in their Sports Medicine Department where I counseled athletes on exactly that. However, as I made reference before, I wanted to enact a little more personal freedom in my career and do my own thing. Though that was a large part of it, it wasn't the only part.

You see, as much as I enjoyed working with athletes (and still do), I became aware of the tremendous value that stress management and performance enhancement could have for others. Just because you don't put on a helmet on Saturdays doesn't mean that you don't experience stress and also doesn't mean that you can't benefit from sharpening your mind.

As such, I began this Mindurance journey of helping high performers, of all...

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