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Closing the Gap - Managing distress by aligning Real Self and Ideal Self

 Depression sucks.

Mild depression can distress. Moderate depression can derail. And severe depression can destruct.

And though depression can come from a variety of sources that are both biological and environmental in nature, in my experience as a psychologist many of the bouts of that funky black dog that land in my virtual office result from a gap between one's real self and one's ideal self. And the larger the gap..the greater the a certain point.

Let me tell you what I mean.

First off, let me illustrate this concept between real self and ideal self.

Every single day of our lives we carry with us two forms of our selves. The self that we currently are that day and the self that we would like to be.

For instance, someone's real self might be 260lbs, but their ideal self is 240lbs. Their real self earns $60k a year but their ideal self would like to earn $100k. Their real self is on the bench for their sport team, but their ideal self is starting. Their real self...

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The Annual Review - A quick look back to help move forward

Last week I got so excited about the Browns and Buckeyes that I shifted my blog schedule to make room for that discussion on Regular Season, Playoff, and Championship modes of living. If you missed it, check it out here.

But let's get back to the brass tax. It's still January of the New Year and I imagine folks are still grappling with their resolutions for the year. I wrote about the likelihood of derailment a couple blogs ago, and for those of you out there (myself included) that are still struggling a bit, maybe it's time to take that pause with purpose and to complete a more comprehensive assessment.

What is this comprehensive assessment you ask?

Well it's the annual review!

And though we would have preferred to do the annual review at the end of the year, life gets in the way, holidays sneak up on us, and the next thing you know the ball has dropped and we haven't spent any time reflecting on where we've been and where we want to go.

Today, that changes.

So break out your...

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