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Whole lotta holiday

When I got trained as a counseling psychologist with a sub-specialty in sport psychology, I figured my career path would consist of mostly working with athletes to manage stress and enhance the mental aspect of athletic performance.

And you know what? I did that.

I worked at The Ohio State University in their Sports Medicine Department where I counseled athletes on exactly that. However, as I made reference before, I wanted to enact a little more personal freedom in my career and do my own thing. Though that was a large part of it, it wasn't the only part.

You see, as much as I enjoyed working with athletes (and still do), I became aware of the tremendous value that stress management and performance enhancement could have for others. Just because you don't put on a helmet on Saturdays doesn't mean that you don't experience stress and also doesn't mean that you can't benefit from sharpening your mind.

As such, I began this Mindurance journey of helping high performers, of all...

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We Train Mental Fitness

mental fitness mindurance Nov 09, 2020

Mindurance helps high performers across industries minimize mental barriers and maximize life through online self-study, group programs, and personal coaching.


But let’s break that down a little further.


We. Yes, WE help you develop mental fitness…together.  This isn’t a top down, Dr Steve has all the answers, type of deal. Nope. You are an expert in you. And I am an expert in the process of mental growth. Together, WE can make some magic happen. It really does take two to tango sometimes.

Train. Oh I’m sorry, were you hoping for a one-session miracle worker that takes you from disorganized couch potato to badass bikini model in one hour? Sorry pal. Mental fitness, much like learning guitar, a foreign language, or how to tie your shoes, requires training. Good news is Mindurance has a few different methods by which to train. You can train on your own. Train with a group. Or train one-on-one with me....

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The Mindurance Story

mental fitness mindurance Oct 28, 2020

There I was, a stressed-out psychologist working in my dream job trying to process a breakup, maintain a growing client load, and reconcile whether I was actually doing what was best for me. 

The big problem was that I saw no end in sight. As I looked into the crystal ball, I saw my client load increasing dramatically. I saw weekdays getting longer, weekends getting interrupted, and my calendar getting filled…with work. And though small doses of these things enlivened me, the amount that was being required was taxing and would ultimately lead to one thing…burn out.

Talk about mental barriers! I was low in motivation and high in hopelessness.  My positive, happy-go-lucky self was dimming and my future seemed dire. 

Then, as if by chance, a few amazing things happened...

I took a trip to Thailand and Vietnam with high school friends, which helped me discover my love and need for travel.

I read Tim Ferris' Book, “The Four-Hour Work Week” which...

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What is mental fitness?  And why the hell should we care?

mental fitness mindurance Jul 12, 2020


When you get a chance, type “Mental health” into Google.  Notice what results.  I’ll do the leg work…see below.


Now type, “mental illness” into Google.  Notice the results below. 


Notice the difference? Me neither…they’re the same. When you type Mental Health you get Mental Disorders listed in the search results.  When you type Mental Illness you also get mental disorders listed in the search results.  So whether you type mental health or mental illness you get the same results….disorders. Interesting right?  When did Mental Health become synonymous with mental illness? Shouldn’t they be separate constructs?


For instance, if you type “physical health” you don’t get a list of physical ailments or diseases.  If you type “financial health” you don’t get a listing of financial struggles like low credit, bankruptcy...

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