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Whole lotta holiday

When I got trained as a counseling psychologist with a sub-specialty in sport psychology, I figured my career path would consist of mostly working with athletes to manage stress and enhance the mental aspect of athletic performance.

And you know what? I did that.

I worked at The Ohio State University in their Sports Medicine Department where I counseled athletes on exactly that. However, as I made reference before, I wanted to enact a little more personal freedom in my career and do my own thing. Though that was a large part of it, it wasn't the only part.

You see, as much as I enjoyed working with athletes (and still do), I became aware of the tremendous value that stress management and performance enhancement could have for others. Just because you don't put on a helmet on Saturdays doesn't mean that you don't experience stress and also doesn't mean that you can't benefit from sharpening your mind.

As such, I began this Mindurance journey of helping high performers, of all types, learn to minimize mental barriers and maximize life by training mental fitness.

And there it is again, mental fitness. That's what we at Mindurance do...mental fitness.

And what mental fitness is about is really leveraging various elements of the mind in order to more efficiently, nimbly, and effectively navigate the day-to-day obstacles in our lives.

That's really how I view it.

We encounter obstacles, and sometimes our ways of thinking, feeling, and acting, unnecessarily get in the way of us overcoming them. As a result, we become bogged down, uncertain, afraid, or simply overwhelmed.

This can often be the case during the holiday season.

The holiday season is a crazy time of year riddled with all sorts of various obstacles and demands. We can either get stuck or overwhelmed by these, or we can apply mental fitness to navigate them with greater ease, efficiency, and effectiveness. So to this point, I want to offer a gentle reminder that mental fitness isn't solely for the traditional athlete.

In fact it is for all.

And during the holiday season there are all sorts of opportunities to enact your mental fitness for the betterment of yourself and others.

If you feel like you're missing the mark on your mental fitness and know that the holidays tend to be a particularly tough time of year for you, know that you are not alone and that there is help.

Which is exactly why I created a brand new e-course titled "Shitter's Full - A 12-Day Guide on Dumping Holiday Stress."

This course actually takes you through the more common holiday stressors and offers you tactics for overcoming them...yep, mental fitness.

In closing, the purpose of this blog was to really point out just how far reaching and applicable mental fitness is. It doesn't just benefit high budget athletic departments, but it benefits everyone. And though it no doubt serves as a beneficial skill set throughout the entire year, a well-equipped mental fitness tool box is especially handy during times of stress.

Which, for many of us, includes the holidays.

So if you would identify yourself as a mentally fit person, go forth and enact that this holiday season. Or, if you feel like you could benefit from a little bit of training, well check out the course, and begin your journey towards more merriment. 

There's a whole lotta holiday ahead...are you ready?


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