What is Performance Enhancement and How Does Mindurance Address it?

mental fitness performance enhancement Mar 08, 2021


To perform is to carry out and fulfill an action or task.

One can argue that we all perform, and though that is certainly the case, some individuals perform at a higher level, more consistently, and in more challenging contexts. These types of performers often fall in the domains of sport, performing arts, business, medicine, and high risk professions (e.g., armed services). In order to perform effectively, these individuals need proper technical skill. They need to be educated on effective strategy. They need to possess and nurture the correct physical attributes. They need to behave appropriately within their social sphere. And last, but not least, they need to effectively leverage key mental elements.


Quick questions:

If you were to consider how much of your effective performance is mental, what percentage would you say?

Over 50%? Good!

Now, if I asked you how much time do you devote to developing these mental elements, what percentage would you give?

Under 50%? Bad.


Not surprisingly, we have a disconnect.


Although we know working on the mental aspect of performance is important, most of us don’t do it. As such, this mental component is overlooked and under trained despite our best intentions to do otherwise.


We can do better people!


However, to work on the mental aspect of performance, we need to know what these aspects are.


What do we mean by this collection of mental elements that, when harnessed correctly, lead to enhanced performance? What we mean are the psychological constructs of confidence, composure, concentration, motivation, etc. These constructs, when applied intentionally, help us to effectively leverage the mental essentials of performance, which increases the likelihood that overall performance will be better.


Though this is not guaranteed. Due to the nature of sports, arts, and business, with their unique variables, there are often performance influences that are sometimes outside of our control. As such, elite performers should gather whatever edge they can and leverage any strategy to do so.


The result is mental fitness training.

Mental fitness training not only positively impacts one’s mental abilities, but it also positively impacts the other four elements of effective performance (physical, tactical, technical, social). And as I see it, mental fitness training can help high performers minimize mental barriers and maximize life across many domains.


Makes a lot of sense, right? A more confident, composed, focused, and motivated performer is probably, over many data points, going to do better than someone who is doubtful, rattled, scattered, and lazy. Regardless of what context they are in.


But how do we engage in mental fitness training?


Well, you could read up on and train yourself! There’s a lot of great books, websites, and YouTube videos out there. However that can take awhile to educate yourself.


As such, Mindurance has tried to condense a lot of these teachings and make them a bit more easily accessible.


So, you could check out the weekly blog which usually covers an important performance psychology, life enhancing topic per week.


You could also purchase one of the flagship e-courses titled the “ABCs of Mental Performance” which takes you on a 30-module journey covering the most critical aspects of mental performance enhancement.


Though should you want to dive deeper, and feel like some extra expertise and accountability could serve you well before, during, or even after a performance endeavor, then one-on-one performance coaching might just scratch that itch. I got all sorts of details on my coaching process here.


But in closing, I want you to realize that mental performance enhancement isn’t some new-agey, guru-created thing. No these skills, tactics, interventions, and teachings are all based in psychological science. In addition, you don’t have to be some super-human Olympic athlete or Navy Seal to benefit from them. As I mentioned earlier, we are all performers in some capacity and if you want to leverage your innate capabilities a little bit more to achieve a little bit more of your innate capacity, then give me holler. I’d love to hear from you.


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