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We Train Mental Fitness

mental fitness mindurance Nov 09, 2020

Mindurance helps high performers across industries minimize mental barriers and maximize life through online self-study, group programs, and personal coaching.


But let’s break that down a little further.


We. Yes, WE help you develop mental fitness…together.  This isn’t a top down, Dr Steve has all the answers, type of deal. Nope. You are an expert in you. And I am an expert in the process of mental growth. Together, WE can make some magic happen. It really does take two to tango sometimes.

Train. Oh I’m sorry, were you hoping for a one-session miracle worker that takes you from disorganized couch potato to badass bikini model in one hour? Sorry pal. Mental fitness, much like learning guitar, a foreign language, or how to tie your shoes, requires training. Good news is Mindurance has a few different methods by which to train. You can train on your own. Train with a group. Or train one-on-one with me. Regardless though…you have to train.

Mental fitness. If you look up “fitness” in the dictionary, one of the results is “the quality of being suitable to fulfill a particular role or task.” Throughout daily living, we encounter obstacles. Though sometimes these obstacles are physical, social, financial, etc in nature, many times they are mental. As such, by deliberately training MENTAL fitness you will be less likely to get in your own way and, instead, more likely to pave it.


So there is the quick little break down of “We Train Mental Fitness.” Hopefully you now understand a tiny bit more about what Mindurance is all about. And I know we are just starting to get to know each other here, but if you want to learn a little more plus in your email and download the Mental Fitness Audit. It’ll give you a frame for how we do things around.


Talk soon!

Dr Steve


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