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The Mindurance Story

mental fitness mindurance Oct 28, 2020

There I was, a stressed-out psychologist working in my dream job trying to process a breakup, maintain a growing client load, and reconcile whether I was actually doing what was best for me. 

The big problem was that I saw no end in sight. As I looked into the crystal ball, I saw my client load increasing dramatically. I saw weekdays getting longer, weekends getting interrupted, and my calendar getting filled…with work. And though small doses of these things enlivened me, the amount that was being required was taxing and would ultimately lead to one thing…burn out.

Talk about mental barriers! I was low in motivation and high in hopelessness.  My positive, happy-go-lucky self was dimming and my future seemed dire. 

Then, as if by chance, a few amazing things happened...

I took a trip to Thailand and Vietnam with high school friends, which helped me discover my love and need for travel.

I read Tim Ferris' Book, “The Four-Hour Work Week” which helped me re-think what work-life balance really meant to ME, which also…

awakened my entrepreneurial spirit and triggered a desire to purposefully charter a work-life that enhanced, not inhibited, my life-life. 

Instantly it became crystal clear to me that the answers I sought were the same that I was helping my clients answer every session! Gain greater awareness of what was really going on. Assess which areas I had control over and could make the most impact in. Identify and implement action steps in the right direction. Put simply, if I tackled my stressors and enhanced my day-to-day performance, it would help invigorate my pursuit towards living the life I wanted to live. 

It was time for Mindurance.

So I started planning. I planned out the name, the structure, the website, the process. I planned it all. But I didn’t stop there.

I then started seeing clients. I saw clients at nights and on the weekends, all while still working at Ohio State.

After that, I finally left Ohio State to devote my energy towards Mindurance (not an easy decision by the way).

But there was still a problem…

Though I was seeing my right amount of clients, I realized there were still thousands and thousands of athletes, artists, and professionals that had limited access to such services. I felt the field of psychology could do better.  It needed something that not only enhanced access to, but also reduced the stigma of seeking support.  

As frustration grew, I escaped to Florida for a couple weeks, and it was then, while having a beer with a best friend, that the idea was conceived to provide a more scaled, on-demand, tele-coaching platform.

And after a year of website development, provider recruitment, materials creation, and 100s of other to-dos, a new Mindurance was born. I made it…right??? Not so fast…

You see, COVID-19 hit and despite launching during a distressing time for athletes and performers, after 6 months, I had 20 providers offering services and only 2 clients receiving them.  Not the balance I wanted, or had hoped for. Hence, my attention turned towards marketing efforts to pump some life into the platform. Though in the process of discovering the message I wanted to send, I realized that something didn’t feel right. I felt conflicted.  How could I market the message of 20 providers while staying true to the voice of Mindurance?  I felt confused. Isn’t this what I wanted? To grow a far reaching platform that could have massive impact on a high amount of individuals? I felt embarrassed. Was I another failed-business statistic? Giving up before I even had the opportunity to succeed?

After much deliberation, reflection, and consultation, on July 6th, 2020, two days after Independence Day, I sent an email to the 20 Mindurance providers specifying that I would now be pursuing Mindurance as a solo-act.  It was terribly difficult! Letting go of providers that believed in me and Mindurance. Thousands of dollars spent.  Hundreds of hours of work unfulfilled.  Yet, despite the kick in the stomach, I soon felt a tremendous sense of relief in the heart.  I felt lighter. I felt happier.  I felt congruent.  Mindurance was back to being fully mine…  

Which brings me to you. 

You’ve obviously made it to this blog for a reason.  

Perhaps, like me…

You are at a place in life where you feel a little stuck, stressed out, not performing your best, but have no idea why. 

You want more clarity as to the particular areas of your life that you can impact the most and would have the greatest overall benefit to you and your performance endeavor. 

You know where you want to go, what you want to do, or who you want to be, but need applicable tools that lead to action and traction for the long term.

If that sounds like you, Welcome to Mindurance!


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