Q1 may be over - but your goals shouldn't be.

goal setting Mar 29, 2021
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This week marks the end of the First Quarter of 2021 for those following a traditional fiscal year.

And whether you're in business or not, what that means is that 1/4 of the year is now over.

But guess what!

We still have another 3/4 of the year left!

As such, it is critical to take a bit of time this week and reflect on how the year is going so far. Whether you are progressing towards your goals. And what shifts, tweaks, additions, or deletions need to occur.

This week's blog is dedicated to take you through a quick appraisal process of your year so far. It doesn't have to be complicated. Let me show you in these three easy steps. 

1. Identify Your 2021 Goals Or Pursuits

The first step is identifying what it was you were hoping to accomplish this year. Remind yourself of those goals/pursuits that you set out on. If you didn't set any, what are the things that you are finding figural or important to you now?

For example, the pursuits I am focused on in 2021 are the following:

-Enhance my fitness

-Re-learn playing guitar

-Grow my business

2. Evaluate Your Progress

The next step is to evaluate how you are progressing in each of your goal pursuits. You want to consider what's going well, as well as where you could do better.

For example:

1. Enhance my fitness

What is going well? I am exercising more via paddle boarding, hiking, and increasing my lap swimming time. I am also more mindful of portion control and listening to when I'm hungry vs full.

What is not going well? Well I still eat like shit sometimes. I still overindulge. And when in new and fun cities, the alcohol consumption raises a bit.

2. Re-learn playing guitar:

What is going well? I am fairly consistent at picking up my guitar. I am playing more days than not, usually for at least 20-mins.

What is not going well? Though I am playing guitar, I am not engaging in the type of deliberate practice that will help me develop more effectively.

3. Grow my business:

What is going well? I have some new clients at my new rates and I have been consistent in my social media content and blog.

What can go better? Leverage network connections to increase visibility, promote courses and presentations, and gain coaching referrals.

Chart Your Course

So you've identified your goals, as well as what's going well and not so well. Now based on that information you can identify the steps necessary to straighten out the ship to move even more directly towards your goals. This means continuing to do the things that are working, as well as brainstorm ways to correct the flaws.

For example:

Enhance fitness: I will continue to engage in daily physical activity that I enjoy and focus primarily on portion control as a dietary mitigation.

Re-learn guitar: I will continue to enjoy playing songs, but will return to my Justin Beginner Guitar Course by completing a lesson at the beginning of each week that will direct my practice for that week.

Grow my business: I will continue to create and post consistent content, as well as reach out to existing network and new opportunities (i.e., podcasters, news media, etc).

 Final Thoughts:

So there you have it! This is not meant to be an overly complex process. Most of us human beings aren't the most organized and structured when it comes to pursuing goals. So rather than overcomplicating or over engineering the process, you can still experience consistent growth through simple awareness and action.

Take some time this week and reflect on the first quarter of the year by following the above steps. Remember, growth and development is a lot like walking to California without a compass. You may make some miss-steps. Accidentally walking north or south for moments at a time. But as long as you generally follow that western setting sun, then it will guide you towards that California destination.

Sure, a turn by turn road map can be helpful and probably more efficient, but again, many of us don't roll that way. But just because you left the atlas at home doesn't mean that you still can't reach your destination with the steps we identified today.

Identify, Evaluate, and Chart your way to your destination. You have 3/4 more of a year to get there.


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