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People need different things. At different times. For different reasons. Mindurance offers a variety of products and services to meet people where they are at. Explore the links below for more info.


I recognize there are some groups of people that could benefit from basic, yet, consistent mental fitness coaching. Mindurance Mental Fitness Communities are a way for like-minded groups of people to come together to connect with one another and development mental fitness.

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If you want to train mental fitness on your own check out one of my courses "You're Not Crazy You're Stressed" or "The ABCs of Mental Performance." Jam packed with tips, tactics, tools, and theories. Train when you want, where you want, at the pace you want.

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Get your team, crew, or employees together to train mental fitness. Dr Steve delivers virtual keynotes that provide the knowledge and skills needed to develop mental fitness and maximize performance. 

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Work with me individually for the deepest mental fitness training experience. I take on a limited number of clients in order to devote the time and energy required for YOUR growth. It's not cheap, but neither are you. Learn more by clicking below. 

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It takes two to tango. I'm an expert in the process, but you're an expert in yourself.

You're probably my type if...

  • You're a high performer. Maybe you're an athlete, performing artist, executive, digital nomad, medical professional, entrepreneur, or anyone else that has high performance demands and wants to maximize.
  • You're dedicated. All of my products and services require a level of true dedication to wanting to leverage mental fitness to overcome mental barriers.  If you're just dabbling, we probably won't work out.
  • You're tech friendly. I'm a digital nomad.  This means I live in an RV and work on the road from coffee shops, AirBnBs, hotels, etc. As such, you need to have a comfort with working digitally through emails, phone calls, Zoom meetings, and online learning platforms.
  • You're cool. I like working with laid-back, open-minded, life-learner types that have a sense of humor, an eagerness to grow, and a zest for living a meaningful and enjoyable life. Even though growth is serious, we shouldn't take ourselves too seriously. This work should be thrilling...not stuffy.
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The long story.

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Before becoming a Doctor of Counseling Psychology, I played football.

As an all-state high school player my sights were set on playing for a Division 1 college team. 

The hype you get when playing in high school can make you feel like a big fish in a small pond. 

It can make you believe in your own hype.

No, I didn’t get offered a scholarship from a Division 1 college. Instead, I took Ohio State up on the offer to be a preferred walk-on with the chance to earn my place on a team that's had a history of turning champions into pros! 

I was elated for the chance and began seeing a personal trainer. I worked tirelessly in the gym and out on the field all for the 1 percent chance that I’d make it from scout team to starting player. I didn’t care, I was determined to show off my skills to people who mattered. After all, I was all-state in high school, what did I have to lose?

A lot.

When I walked onto the college’s field for the beginning of the brutal 2-a-day practice sessions, I quickly realized I wasn’t in high school anymore. That big fish syndrome that made me so persistent in the months leading up to those training sessions disappeared along with my confidence.

Specimens of players bigger and stronger than me filled the locker room. I felt like a boy among men. My anxiety was rising. The belief in myself was lowering. I not only felt like a small fish, I also felt like a lost fish. What was I supposed to do?

I suited up in my gear and went onto the field. 

The rest is…not a Cinderella story. 

I didn’t make it to the starting team, in fact I became so comfortable in being known as the “scout team guy” that I decided to retreat into the backdrop of some great players and contribute any way I could to the National Championship we won. In some ways, I became what I am today, your supportive “Mindurance” expert and coach.

But not without struggle and sacrifice.

When I moved back to Akron to pursue my PhD after a grueling but fun four years at Ohio State, I began to realize that my anxiety and fears in relation to my student-athlete experience affected my life as a whole. Those things you dedicate your life to, even if only for a few months or years, can make a real impact on who you are and who you become. And so even though I was no longer in athletics, I was still an athlete and I found myself diving deeper into the psyche of athletes and other high performers while in graduate school. What could I learn about the athlete experience? My athlete experience? And even moreso, how could I use these learnings to help athletes navigate similarly demanding situations?

Fast forward to 2013...

I had graduated with my PhD, possessed a solid amount of expertise, successfully completed internships, and was ready to embark on my first full-time professional psychology position. Where, you ask? Well none other than back at my alma mater. Yep, The Ohio State University. The same place where 13 years earlier I was serving those on the field as a scout team walk-on, I was now “walking on” to campus to once again support athletes out there playing the games they love. This time not as a member of the scout team, but as a sport psychologist for the entire Buckeye athletic department. I had made it right!? Not exactly.

Do you ever feel like you have the world in your hands and still there is something missing?

That was me.

There I was, a stressed-out psychologist working in my dream job trying to process a strained relationship, maintain a growing client load, and reconcile whether I was actually doing what was best for me. I was low in motivation and high in hopelessness.  My positive, happy-go-lucky self was dimming and my future seemed dire. Once again I felt like that freshman walk-on. Overwhelmed and out of place. 

The big problem was that I saw no end in sight. As I looked into the crystal ball, I saw my client load increasing dramatically. I saw weekdays getting longer, weekends getting interrupted, and my calendar getting filled…with work. I knew that I was going to burn out fast. It was time for a change.

So I did what any other insane person would do. I quit my high-paying job and broke off my engagement. Then I went to Thailand.

Being in a world unlike your own really makes you think about what is missing in your life.

Traveling from Thailand to Vietnam and seeing a culture that is less obsessed with material success and more focused on mental strength and peace helped me come to terms with my struggles and begin a new journey.

In reference to entrepreneur and lifestyle guru Tim Ferris and his book “The Four-Hour Work Week,” I rediscovered what work-life balance meant to me. I also reimagined what my life would look like if I paved my own path and helped those both on and off the field overcome their mental barriers and reclaim their life.

It was time for Mindurance.

So there I was again, a stressed-out psychologist, except now I was single and working for myself.

Though I was no longer committed to full-time employment, I was instead fully engaged in the demanding task of growing my independent practice. What’s more, though I was seeing a decent amount of clients to satisfy my lifestyle, I realized there were still thousands and thousands of athletes, musicians, and digital nomads that had limited access to such services. I felt the field of performance psychology could do better.  It needed something that not only enhanced access to, but also reduced the stigma of seeking support.  

As frustration grew, I escaped to Florida for a couple weeks, and it was then, while having a beer with a best friend, that the idea was conceived to provide a more scaled, on-demand, tele-coaching platform. And after a year of website development, provider recruitment, materials creation, and 100s of other to-dos, a new Mindurance was born. I made it…right???

Not exactly.

You see, COVID-19 hit and despite launching during a distressing time for athletes, after 6 months, I had 20 providers offering services and only 2 clients receiving them.  Not the balance I wanted, or had hoped for. Hence, my attention turned towards marketing efforts to pump some life into the platform. Through the process of discovering the message I wanted to send, I realized that something didn’t feel right. I felt conflicted.  How could I market the message of 20 providers while staying true to the voice of Mindurance?  I felt confused. Isn’t this what I wanted? To grow a far reaching platform that could have a massive impact on a high amount of individuals? I felt embarrassed. Was I another failed-business statistic? Giving up before I even had the opportunity to succeed?

After much deliberation, reflection, and consultation, on July 6th, 2020, two days after Independence Day, I sent an email to the 20 Mindurance providers specifying that I would now be pursuing Mindurance as a solo-act.  It was terribly difficult! Letting go of providers that believed in me and Mindurance. Thousands of dollars spent.  Hundreds of hours of work unfulfilled.  Yet, despite the kick in the stomach, I soon felt a tremendous sense of relief in the heart.  I felt lighter. I felt happier.  I felt congruent.  Mindurance was back to being fully mine…

Which brings me to you.

You see, Mindurance isn’t as much about me as I thought it was. It’s really about you...the member. After I closed up the scaled tele-health platform, I initially went back into solo coaching sessions. Higher priced. More boutique. It was even going well. But once again I found myself conflicted on how I could offer more support, to more people, and scale well-beyond that which I could do in hour-long individual sessions. How could I support more individuals’ mental health, without jeopardizing my own?

Enter The Mindurance Mental Fitness Communities. A collection of communities dedicated to helping like-minded individuals develop mental fitness and manage mental health. Though it’s taken a while to get here, I feel like I have come full circle and have created a service that fulfills the needs of you, the member, while allowing me to continue to live the type of life I want to live.

And we do this together.

Together we enhance accessibility by providing mental health resources that might not be available or easily attainable at your school, organization, or household. We make it cost-effective so that you are able to receive expert preventative education without spending hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars. We reduce stigma by acknowledging the full spectrum of mental health and crafting materials that can inform individuals wherever on it they may be. We enhance effectiveness by delivering only the most stream-lined, research-based, thought provoking, and applicable content tailored specifically to certain populations of like-minded individuals.

Yes, Mindurance Mental Fitness Communities are a constant flow of invaluable resources that will help you assess your stressors and challenges in life and overcome them by discovering and reclaiming your personal power. With over a decade’s worth of experience I have seen clients find the mental stamina to overcome burn out, imposter syndrome, or any other challenge that may be hindering their success. And now I want to offer it to you...as many of you...as possible.

You’ve obviously made it to this website for a reason.

Perhaps, like me…

You are at a place in life where you feel a little stuck, stressed out, not performing your best, but have no idea why. 

Maybe you need more clarity as to the particular areas of your life that you can impact the most and would have the greatest overall benefit to you and your performance endeavor. 

Perhaps you know where you want to go, what you want to do, or who you want to be, but need applicable tools that lead to action and traction for the long term.

If that sounds like you, let’s manage your mental health together.

Welcome to Mindurance.

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