Life is complex.

Mental Health support shouldn't be.

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Mindurance is a membership site dedicated to helping individuals manage mental health through weekly live coaching and online community.

Mental health is a problem.

Mental Health is a thing. It ranges in severity from struggling, to stressing, to striving. And though it's a thing, a big thing, many individuals have difficulty receiving support due to limited time, money, and access.

Mindurance is a solution.

Enter Mindurance. A time-efficient and cost-effective solution for individuals to receive expert guidance and support via research-based resources, online community, and weekly group coaching.


"It's kinda like having your own performance psychologist...but for $20 a month."


Lessons, Q&A, Hot Seats, Guest Experts, Book Reviews, and more...every single week. Attend. Listen. Learn. Apply.


Missed the live session? No problem, as a member you will have access to all previously recorded group coaching calls.


Lectures and community topics crafted based on the current needs of the members. Membership meets Ownership.


Join other like-minded members in their quest of managing mental health. Communicate. Collaborate. Connect.

Online Community.

It is often said that members join a membership for the content, but they stay for the community. The Mindurance Membership Communities are hubs for like-minded populations to connect, share wins, ask questions, and suggest topics of discussion. By allowing the community to drive the content it provides a sense of shared ownership and addresses the most current needs of the group. 

Weekly Live Group Coaching.

Imagine if you had weekly access to a performance psychologist. Wouldn't that be awesome? Mindurance offers a weekly live Zoom that allows members to learn about a topic, ask questions, hear from guest experts, and even sit in a hot seat to work through a current concern. And with guided exercises and homework assignments, not only do you get connection, you get accountability.


We at Mindurance understand that everyone's financial situation may be a little bit different and wouldn't want money to get in the way of a growth time.

Choose your monthly investment. Enjoy the 14-day free trial. Cancel anytime.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Dr. Steve is a licensed and board certified counseling psychologist. He has specialized expertise in sport and performance psychology. A former football player at The Ohio State University, Steve found out first hand the mental, physical, and emotional requirements necessary to perform at a high level. After graduation, Steve attended the University of Akron where he received his PhD in Counseling Psychology and crafted his educational and applied capacity to help individuals and teams harness mental fitness.

Fast forward 10+ years, Steve has honed this skillset through various endeavors - as a professor and researcher of psychology, college Dean, national presenter, University sport psychologist, leadership consultant, entrepreneur, golf caddy, and rock band singer. 

So whether you are an athlete, artist, entrepreneur, or executive, the ability to manage stress and leverage the mental aspect of performance is paramount in pursuing the quest of reaching one’s fullest capacity.  Though we can cover a lot of ground on our own, sometimes it’s value-added to have a side-kick supporting the journey along the way. 

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