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The Mindurance Mental Fitness Community brings like-minded individuals together to manage stress, enhance performance, and optimize life through virtual group coaching and online support.



If you’re like us, you probably love perusing around the self help aisle at your local bookstore. You’re frequently listening to your favorite wellness podcast. You likely know that your mental health is a critical element to overall well-being, but you just can’t seem to make it a regular priority. You also don’t think you really need or want to commit to on-going therapy. But you want to grow.



Enter Mindurance. Here is where we believe mental health is just as important as other aspects of health but often gets overlooked, undertrained, and stigmatized. By shifting our mental health pursuits as mental fitness, it helps us recognize the importance of having a more regular practice that helps us manage stress, enhance performance, and optimize living. Mindurance puts mental fitness in gear by making it routine.


Life is complex, memberships should be simple.

  1. Join the membership. Obviously the first step in a membership is joining the membership. With Mindurance we make it easy by offering both a monthly subscription and a cost saving annual plan. Pick what feels right for you. Each come with a 14-day free trial and you can cancel your membership at anytime, hassle free.
  2. Engage in the community. After joining you will have immediate access to the community room. It is here in this message-based forum that you can introduce yourself, share wins and challenges, propose discussion topics, and interact with others. In addition, all previous Zoom recordings will be archived for future reference or to view if you couldn’t make it live.
  3. Attend the Weekly Zoom. Each Monday at 12 ET there will be a members-only group coaching call. This Weekly Zoom is where the magic happens and here you’ll have the opportunity to learn about a social sciences topic, discuss this topic with others in breakout rooms, identify an essential goal/intention for the week, and ask questions. Consider this one hour virtual coaching call the essential activity of your weekly mental fitness routine. 
  4. Apply the learnings. Every single week you will be learning some new tip, tactic, or theory that will help you in your quest to manage stress, enhance performance, and optimize life. Fueled by follow-up homework and your intention for the week, you will soon appreciate the impact that training mental fitness has on the circumstances of life and your overall well-being.
  5. Serve others. By becoming more mentally fit yourself, you will have the opportunity to be an anchor for others. Whether through leadership, a lended ear, or an open heart, by handling your own shit more gracefully you’ll be able to serve as a role model for those around you. 
  6. Make it routine. You’re in! Now that you’ve joined the community and have experienced the process above you can keep it going. It may feel clunky at first, but before you know it you will come to look forward to your weekly Mindurance Monday! That time of the week that is dedicated to moving the mental fitness needle. And if you can’t make a live call, it’s all good, just jump in the community room, say hello, and watch the recording. Together, let’s make mental fitness routine.


"It's kinda like having your own performance psychologist...but for a lot cheaper!"


Lessons, Q&A, Hot Seats, Guest Experts, Book Reviews, and more...every other week. Attend. Listen. Learn. Apply.


Missed the live session? No problem, as a member you will have access to all previously recorded group coaching calls.


Lectures and community topics crafted based on the current needs of the members. Membership meets Ownership.


Join other like-minded members in their quest of developing mental fitness. Share wins. Identify pain points. Engage. Support. Collaborate.


Get reduced rates on individual coaching, workshops, and other products as they become available.


Each membership comes with access to one or both of Mindurance's flagship online courses.


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Dr. Steve is a licensed and board certified counseling psychologist. He has specialized expertise in sport and performance psychology. A former football player at The Ohio State University, Steve found out first hand the mental, physical, and emotional requirements necessary to perform at a high level. After graduation, Steve attended the University of Akron where he received his PhD in Counseling Psychology and crafted his educational and applied capacity to help individuals and teams harness mental fitness.

Fast forward 10+ years, Steve has honed this skillset through various endeavors - as a professor and researcher of psychology, college Dean, national presenter, University sport psychologist, leadership consultant, entrepreneur, golf caddy, and rock band singer. 

So whether you are an athlete, artist, entrepreneur, or executive, the ability to manage stress and leverage the mental aspect of performance is paramount in pursuing the quest of reaching one’s fullest capacity.  Though we can cover a lot of ground on our own, sometimes it’s value-added to have a side-kick supporting the journey along the way. 

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  • Weekly Zoom Group Coaching
  • Group Coaching Replays
  • Member Driven Content
  • Online Community
  • Discounted Rates
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  • 14 Day Free Trial
  • BONUS COURSE #1 "The ABCs of Mental Performance" online course.   
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Start Your Own Community

Are you an athletic department? Music conservatory? Dance company? Agency? Business? Or some other organization looking to enhance the mental fitness of your people? Start your own Mental Fitness Community that is dedicated to and designed for your unique population of individuals. For more information reach out to Dr. Steve.
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The Impact

Listen to what some Mindurance Heads want you to hear.


"Since working with Dr. Steve I have dropped from 12 medications to 3 only 1 of which is daily. My spirituality, life outlook and tools to deal with tough times has all improved. Even if you have worked with others in the past with unsatisfactory results, I guarantee Dr. Steve's approach will help. Dr. Steve has helped me focus on tools to get through the "white water rapids" and on to the calm waters beyond. Helped me understand to feel emotions as they come, but understand they are just one portion of time."


"Dr. Steve is more than a psychologist or a performance coach. He’s a friend. I’ve been working with Steve for 5 years now and I don’t think I would have accomplished what I have without him. Steve gave me tools like my ABCs, my triple Rs and other things that allowed me to open new doors and create new paths. When going into college athletics, I struggled a lot as a college athlete with stress and nerves. Steve was able to guide me and help me in a way that allowed me to perform at my highest level. In 2019 I won the NCAA Fencing Championships. Without Steve’s help I don’t know if I would have that championship ring to wear on my finger."


"Dr Steve helped me identify why I had (have) the thoughts that I do, talk through how to control them, and walk through how to evolve them in a way that aligns with the person that I want to be. I enjoyed Dr. Steve’s ability to relate to me on many levels. He’s very easy to talk to and he has the ability to listen without expressing judgment, which provides a comfortable place to express your deepest feelings in an effort to better understand them. He’s passionate about the work that he does and it shines through in all aspects of his business, practice, and character."


"Dr. Graef has always been very accommodating to my busy schedule and has shown me grace countless times. He does a great job of relating to me and he tells me what I need to hear rather than just what I want to hear. Dr. Graef has been able to bring me a sense of clarity and confidence on the baseball field that transfers to my real life too."


"Our discussions offer new perspectives for my consideration, challenge my thinking, provide a level of accountability, and reinforce the steps I take to create new chapters in my life. No subject is too trivial; it is acceptable to revisit a previously discussed topic; and there are no value judgments. Dr. Steve has helped me get more out of myself than I thought was possible."


"I would absolutely recommend Mindurance and Dr. Steve. Working with him over the course of a couple years he has offered more help and resonated more with me than any other individual I've ever met with. Steve always makes sure everything is being pushed into a positive direction and toward growth. More than anything, he just wants what is best for you as an individual."

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